The Primal Connection To Be Released on January 8

The Primal Connection

Back in 2009, when I released The Primal Blueprint – a book and a concept which I’d been researching and writing for several years prior – I immediately began work on the sequel. Maybe I rested on my laurels for a few weeks, focusing on the blog and personal time, but I launched back into the madness in no time.

I knew the story of how human evolution and the ancestral environment plotted out a blueprint for human health wasn’t complete, that it didn’t stop with food and exercise, that there was a lot more to human health than what we put in our mouths. What about what we put in our minds? What about what we beheld with our eyes and ears? What about the people we spent time with, the human touch we felt, the community we shared, the play in which we engaged? The simple fact that our evolutionary environment was wild, unfettered nature – trees, leaves, grass, dirt, soil, sand, rock, mountain – rather than neutered, sheltered, separate civilization? All these things (and more) shaped our evolution and, thus, help us determine what works best today.

I was convinced that the keys to a happy, pleasurable, meaningful, and fulfilling life lay in evolutionary biology and ancestral epigenetics – just like food and exercise – and I wanted to get it all down on paper so that everyone else could see what I was getting at.

The result is The Primal Connection, a book which shows you how to enrich your life with pleasure, community, play, touch, and many other physiological, environmental, social, and psychological factors. That’s the Primal connection, and it goes much deeper and addresses many more questions than The Primal Blueprint.

Are you excited? I am. Finally, you guys will get to see how not just our bodies, but also our minds, relationships, and happiness depend on making that Primal connection.

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