Paleo Primer Climbs to the Top in Three Amazon Bestseller Categories!

Topping the bestselling charts in three Amazon categories—#1 in Exercise and Fitness, #1 in Low Carb Cooking, and #5 in Paleo Diet—Paleo Primer continues to prove that people love their tried and true paleo lifestyle principles and recipes—especially when they’re delivered with vibrant images, educational content, and a fun and lively tone throughout! Paleo Primer has an engaging, light-hearted approach to providing the groundwork for any ancestral health plan. So whether you’re a seasoned paleo guru looking for a lively refresher and some killer recipes, or a first timer who wants to know what this paleo business is all about, Paleo Primer offers entertainment, and essential knowledge, about all your paleo fundamentals.

Written by Primal Blueprint Publishing’s Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore, two widely popular London-based health and fitness coaches, Paleo Primer is the perfect gift for yourself or that special family member or friend who either loves paleo living, or could benefit from a trick or two from its guidebook. With witty cartoons, infographics, and practical how-to lists throughout, this book offers an enthralling visual experience that guides you through a culinary and nutritional journey that spans the ages. So if you don’t already have your copy, make sure to pick one up today from any major book retailer or! Congrats, Paleo Primer! Let’s see you keep topping those charts!




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