Now Available: Lil’ Grok Meets the Korgs

imageI am very excited to announce a long awaited Primal Blueprint Publishing endeavor that fills a huge gap in the Paleo community: an action adventure picture book (of the Primal kind) made just for kids! If you’ve been looking to introduce Primal principles to your children in a fun and educational way, then Lil’ Grok Meets The Korgs is the perfect primer.

Lil’ Grok Meets The Korgs follows a young Grok as he bear crawls shoeless through the modern world and tries, unsuccessfully, to fit in with the ultra-modern, hashtagging, pizza-loving, dessert-scarfing Korg family. But when a tiger escapes from the zoo, it’s Lil’ Grok who’s the hero—and the Korgs have to adapt or get dropped. Grok shows the Korgs, and the entire town, that being a nimble, jungle-wise cave boy has its perks. This hilarious journey might just end primally ever after—and deliver some important life lessons along the way.

Lil’ Grok Meets The Korgs is a masterpiece from our very own Janée Meadows. Her talents are seen on other Primal Blueprint Publishing book covers (check out her design on The Paleo Primer), our YouTube video channel, and our popular Primal Blueprint Poster—a project for which she beat out other contestants, effectively landing her a full-time job as our Primal videographer and graphic designer.

This project’s creation was also a family affair. Janée’s own sister, Kali, helped create the fun and inviting illustrations that bring Lil’ Grok’s story to life.

We asked Janée about her inspiration for Lil’ Grok and here’s what she had to say:

"I grew up reading cool adventure books, and knew I wanted to eventually instill that same passion in young readers some day. I’d been working with Primal Blueprint for a while, when I found out they were interested in publishing a children’s book, but were holding off for the right project. As the Grok figurehead began to take hold as a Primal role model, I began to wonder how a primitive kid would fare if he were thrown into modern culture, and what lessons he might have to teach technology-obsessed kids these days. Perhaps a ‘lil Grok could fuel a movement for more outside play, so that kids would be able to experience the liberated childhood adventures that most of us enjoyed in decades past.”

“So, I started making a few sketches and showed them to folks at PrimalCon Tahoe. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and pretty soon I had a book deal and was cranking full speed ahead. I want to thank my sister Kali for helping with the illustrations, and also Mark and the entire team at Primal Blueprint Publishing for believing in us and giving us the chance to bring this dream to life." Thank you, Janée!

And here’s the best part: we’re so sure that you will love this book and love introducing it to the youngsters in your life that we’re letting you “pre-screen” the book before doing your Christmas ordering. That’s right—just take a look below and scroll through a preview of Lil’ Grok’s story!

After you’re convinced—and relieved that your Christmas shopping angst about what to get your children, nieces, nephews and neighbors has been resolved—we’re all set up for you to order multiple copies by visiting the books and media section at

My children are all grown up, but I’ll still be stuffing their stockings with a copy of Lil’ Grok Meets The Korgs! There’s nothing wrong with nurturing the Primal child within us all…‘tis the season after all!

Read an excerpt of Lil’ Grok Meets the Korgs:

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