Just Released: The South Asian Health Solution

The South Asian Health SolutionI am extremely pleased to announce the latest release from Primal Blueprint Publishing, Dr. Ron Sinha’s The South Asian Health Solution. Longtime readers of Mark’s Daily Apple may not recognize the author’s name, but Dr. Sinha is a well-respected member of the Bay Area medical community, a TEDx speaker, and a tireless warrior in the battle to improve the health of his patients. For years, he’s been running a private practice specializing in helping patients of South Asian heritage improve their health, reduce obesity and diabetes, and monitor and resolve their heart disease risk factors – all health conditions that hit the South Asian community hardest. The South Asian Health Solution is the culmination of Dr. Sinha’s years of research, clinical experience, and problem solving in the trenches with real patients with real diseases. He’s found what works for his patients, what gets them actual results, and now he’s prepared to share his knowledge with you.

Dr. Sinha has written the first ever ancestral health book geared toward South Asians. Why the need for a wellness plan culturally tailored toward a specific group? There are several reasons:

  • Genetically, South Asians have a greater tendency toward insulin resistance. They possess the genes with greater frequency, and the variations of the genes are more severe.
  • Culturally, South Asian cuisine is geared toward high-carb, high-sugar fare, often deep-fried. This is the perfect storm for inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance.
  • Many South Asians work sedentary, high-tech jobs involving hours upon hours of sitting in front of a computer, while the traditional way of life involved constant movement and more physical labor.

As Dr. Sinha realized after seeing patient after patient in their late 30s going down with heart attacks, the deck is stacked. That’s why he felt this book was necessary – because he can’t personally treat them all.

Even if you aren’t of South Asian descent, this book will help you. These are human problems that just happen to affect the Indian and Pakistani communities most, and the solutions contained within the book are solutions for all humans. Anyone at risk of heart disease, diabetes, or insulin resistance will learn valuable tips for staving off progression of the condition. If it works for the group most at risk, it will definitely work for everyone else.

For a limited-time, purchase a copy of The South Asian Health Solution, and you will receive a free gift certificate to PrimalBlueprint.com, and a chance to win a one-on-one phone consultation with Dr. Sinha. Learn all the details here.

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