Death by Food Pyramid is Now Available

Death by Food PyramidI am pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited Death by Food Pyramid, Primal Blueprint Publishing’s latest book. Its author – Denise Minger – is well known for her penchant for skewering conventional wisdom, dismantling deeply flawed research studies, and parsing the raw data behind The China Study to show that its widely publicized conclusions about diet and health were completely backward. Now, in her debut book, Denise takes things to a whole new level and sets her sights on the bad science, shady politics, and back alley dealings behind the USDA’s Food Pyramid. What she’s discovered will shock you, anger you, and make you even more committed to a Primal, whole foods way of eating – if you aren’t already.

But even as Denise shows how the official nutritional recommendations in the United States are based on flawed science and poor interpretations of said flawed science, and heavily influenced by industry special interests, she also shows the reader how to make educated choices, discern bad advice from good advice, and take control of his or her own health and diet. This makes Death by Food Pyramid an empowering read.

In Death by Food Pyramid, you’ll learn how to read and pick apart scientific studies instead of relying on some “expert” to do it for you. You’ll find out – in excruciating detail – why the official health recommendations are the way they are, and why they simply don’t make sense. You’ll come away dismayed at how we’ve been misled, but confident that this ultimately doesn’t really matter all that much as long as you take control of your own dietary destiny. Luckily, this book is good at showing you how to do it. You’ll also – and this may be the most important part of the book – learn how vegan, omnivorous, Primal, and other ways of eating aren’t such bitter enemies after all. You’ll discover where they overlap and intersect and what we can take away from each seemingly contradictory diet to arrive at a way of eating that works for you and your body.

If you want to wade through the dogma and discover the truth about diet – whatever that means for you – Death by Food Pyramid is an essential read. Heck, if you eat food at all, you should read this book. It doesn’t hurt that Denise, a former English major, can really turn a phrase. This turns what could have simply been a dry treatise into an engaging, entertaining foray through the history of nutritional science.

To learn more about the book (and get some awesome promotional deals if you decide to pick up a copy or two) check out the post on Mark’s Daily Apple: Introducing Death by Food Pyramid

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