We are always on the lookout for quality material with a fresh take and a compelling story line. While we obviously specialize in the area of primal/paleo/ancestral health, we are branching out further into the general realm of healthy eating, diverse fitness and athletic pursuits, active, adventurous outdoor living, and other progressive health topics.

We accept submissions from authors directly, as well as literary agents. We are most interested in completed works or detailed proposals with extensive chapter samples/excerpts and a complete Table of Contents and framework to inform the complete book.

Here are our submission guidelines. Send proposals to info[at]primalblueprintpublishing[dot]com. We aspire to reply promptly, but it can take up to a few of weeks to fully review all submitted content.

Submission guidelines

  • A brief overview of the book
  • Table of Contents
  • Sample chapter or extensive excerpt
  • Target audience/market analysis (including why your book is better than similar publications)
  • Brief bio of your qualifications to write and promote the book
  • Links to your website and social media channels


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Thanks for your interest in Primal Blueprint Publishing!

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