The New Primal Blueprint Resources

The internet offers a wealth of information to help you go Primal. You just have to know where to look. Below you will find some of Mark’s favorite Primal-related resources. From food journals and mail order food sites to his ever-growing list of health and fitness blogs, this list is meant to provide you with additional support. Check back often as Mark will continually update this page. If you think something should be listed here feel free to drop him a line via the contact form.

Primal Blueprint (my supplement company)

Food Journals/Calorie Counters
The Daily Plate

Eating Primal
Local Harvest Find farmers markets and local farms near where you live
Eat Wild The #1 site for grass-fed food and facts
U.S. Wellness Meats Mail order grass-fed/grass-finished meat
Alderspring Grass-fed organic beef from the mountains of Idaho

CrossFit A fitness paradigm similar to Primal Blueprint Fitness

Other Sites
Weston A. Price Foundation Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts What the Hunter/Gatherers Ate Paleolithic Nutrition
THINCS The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics

My Favorite Blogs
This is a short list of my favorite blogs.

Whole Health Source – Stephan is logical, rational, and completely fair. If he’s biased, it’s in favor of unfettered, unfiltered science. If you’re interested in fat-soluble vitamins, traditional diets, and understanding the increasingly-obfuscated science of lipids, Whole Health Source is the place to go.

Hyperlipid – Peter delves deep into the science of fat. He’s a veterinary anaesthesiologist by day and a high fat nutrition expert by night. He gets ultra technical, though, so if you aren’t familiar with such terminology as oxidized LDL, familial hypercholesterolemia, lipoprotein(a), or ApoE, you may want to wade in slowly. It’s definitely worth getting your feet wet.

Free the Animal – Richard is fiery and can really rub people the wrong way. He swears on a semi-regular basis, and he definitely doesn’t suckle fools. He’s also a damned entertaining writer with a complete lack of fear when it comes to dietary self-experimentation. His experiment has gone pretty well, and you could learn a lot from it. Read this blog daily.

Theory to Practice – Keith Norris trains hard in a pretty unique way. It’s not quite CrossFit, and it’s not quite basic barbell training. It is brutally effective and efficient, though, and Keith’s theories on power, CNS stimulation, and “the perfect rep” are insightful and evocative. His attempts to articulate the intangible aspects of training succeed, time and time again.

Protein Power – It’s always a pleasure watching Dr. Michael Eades dismantle studies, especially pro-statin papers (for which he seems to reserve special rancor). Dr. Eades’ firm grasp on the science, coupled with his acid wit, makes for an educational, entertaining read on the soft science of dietary fat and carbohydrates.

Conditioning Research – Cutting edge research, especially the stuff on fitness. I don’t know how he finds this stuff, but Chris always manages to pull something interesting out of the Internet ether and highlight it on his blog.

Son of Grok – Although he hasn’t updated in awhile, I’ll always reserve a special place in my heart (and on my blogroll) for the Son of Grok. He makes delicious Primal food and writes honestly about everyday life as a modern Grok.

Animal Pharm – Dr. BG is a little wacky and a bit zany, but she somehow manages to seamlessly blend steady references to mainstream pop music with science-based lipophilia. How could you not love this blog?

Nephropal – “Health from an evolutionary standpoint,” with a nod to kidney function in particular. This is high-level stuff that might require a second (or third) reading, but it’s worth the time and effort. I think there was a merger between Animal Pharm and Nephropal; not sure.

PaleoNu – An MD, and a practicing radiologist, Kurt Harris runs a fantastic no-nonsense blog exploring the evolutionary diet. What I like about PaleoNu is its insistence on corroborating the speculative nature of the Primal lifestyle with hard science. The two coincide more often than not, but Kurt is committed to making sure.

Robb Wolf – Former nutrition expert for CrossFit, Robb is a true advocate of the ancestral lifestyle. He’s worked closely with Loren Cordain, and with years of experience helping tons of clients lose weight, beat autoimmune issues, and improve athletic performance via paleo methods, Robb knows his stuff. He’s also got a great podcast called the Paleolithic Solution.

Heart Scan Blog – Dr. William Davis has been reversing atherosclerotic plaque in patients for years by eliminating fructose and wheat, and supplementing with niacin and fish oil. Statins? What’re those? Dr. Davis is working on changing the system from the inside, from the belly of the beast. If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, his blog can probably help.

Art de Vany – The old guard. One of the first Primal practitioners with an online presence. His site is pay-only now, but he’s been doing this for years and he’s absolutely legit. The man is over 70 and could kick the asses of most guys a third his age. You’d do well to pay attention to what he says concerning diet and exercise.

Jimmy Moore – Some people begrudge him for his promotion of low-carb products, but Jimmy consistently highlights new research, and his podcast is always packed with quality interviews. There’s nothing wrong with making money.