The Gut Healing Protocol: An 8-week, Holistic Program for Rebalancing Your Microbiome

The Gut Healing ProtocolHeal Your Gut Holistically

This book can help you heal the cause of assorted health problems originating from a dysfunctional gut microbiome. The science world is confirming that which Hippocrates said some 2,400 years ago: “All disease begins in the gut.” Nurturing and maintaining a healthy intestinal microbiome has become a topic of great interest to both mainstream medicine and progressive health enthusiasts. In The Gut Healing Protocol, Australian health journalist Kale Brock delivers a comprehensive, holistic 8-week program to overcoming the common diet and lifestyle-related problems of inflammation and intestinal permeability through healthy diet and stress management endeavors.

The Gut Healing Protocol contains over 30 recipes to help friendly bacteria predominate in your gut, and actively heal gut lining that may have been damaged by the consumption of toxic foods and other adverse lifestyle practices. Other highlights of the book include:

  • A scientific round-up of the gut; how it works and how it can influence your health
  • How antibiotics can leave you vulnerable to gut dysbiosis and strategies to heal from such damage
  • How leaky gut can impact health throughout the body―especially inflammatory and autoimmune conditions―and how to heal with targeted foods and supplements
  • The “gut-brain” connection, including how most of your “feel good” hormone serotonin is made in the gut and the profound effects that this has on brain function
  • The roles played by the various microbes who live on and inside of you
  • Why eliminating certain foods can drastically decrease the inflammation in the gut
  • Extensive description of the proper integration and benefits of prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods
  • Details about the functional medicine strategy of “Weeding, Seeding & Feeding” to heal a damaged gut
  • The destructive effects of common gut irritants like wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners
  • Complementary holistic healing strategies such as anti-microbials, alkalizing foods, bone broth, proper chewing, food combining, oil pulling, and supplementation
  • Taking BEEMS time (Breath, Eat, Earth, Move, Sunshine) to support physical and psychological health
  • Intensive FAQ section discussing troubleshooting and commonly misunderstood topics including as FODMAP, SIBO, constipation, veganism and gut health, dealing with conflicting mainstream medical advice

The Gut. It’s one of the hottest topics in science right now. Scientists the world over are scrupulously investigating the role that our microbiome and subsequent functioning of the intestinal lining play in our health and well-being. They’re discovering some amazing things, many of which Brock will share with you in this book. This book is not a scientific journal or investigative report, but rather a simple action plan, with validating references, that you can take to improve your gut-health and, furthermore, to improve your overall health and vitality!

The Gut Healing Protocol is a lively and engaging read that offers the information and practical guidance you need to become well versed in the gut microbiome. You’ll finish with the confidence to heal a damaged gut and enjoy optimal immune, digestive, physical, and cognitive function for the rest of your life.

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Book Details:

Hardcover: 242 pages
Publish Date: January 2, 2018
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939563437
ISBN-13: 978-1939563439