The Paleo Thyroid Solution Is Here!

It looks like we weren’t the only ones thrilled about the launch of the highly anticipated The Paleo Thyroid Solution by Elle Russ. You all were too—and the numbers have spoken! In the book’s first 24-hours, it broke the top 100 books on all of Amazon, peaking at #79. The Paleo Thyroid Solution has also struck several #1 categories including: #1 in Paleo #1 in General Women’s Health #1 Thyroid Conditions as well as categories like “Hot New Releases,” “Most Wished For,” “Gift Ideas,” and “Movers & Shakers.” As a matter of fact, the book has been so popular that we temporarily ran out of stock! (Don’t worry, the books are now replenished.) On behalf of Elle Russ and the entire Primal Blueprint Publishing tribe, I thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. And if you weren’t one of the thousands of early adapters, grab your copy of The […]

August Kindle Deals

Happy August, everyone! As if you needed another reason to love this warm summer month, we’ve got some hot news to make the next 31 days your healthiest yet. Three of our best-selling titles have been chosen for Amazon’s Monthly Kindle Deals and can be picked up for only $3.99! Death By Food Pyramid by Denise Minger Primal Prescription by Doug McGuff, MD and Robert P. Murphy, PhD Fruit Belly by Romy Dollé These titles are regularly $9.99, so that’s one sizzling summer steal. Stock up now, and read later!

Good Fat, Bad Fat Now Available at Whole Foods and BJ’s

We’re thrilled to announce that Good Fat, Bad Fat by Romy Dollé is now available at Whole Foods in most regions including Canada, as well as select BJ’s Wholesale Clubs. Can’t find a copy at your local Whole Foods or BJ’s? Simply put in a request at your local store today!

Are You a Fat Burning Beast Yet?

Many devoted endurance athletes become fat, slow, tired, inflamed, sick, injured, and ultimately burned out by following the traditional “chronic cardio” training approach. Obsessing about consistent weekly mileage and workout patterns, or misguided attempts to integrate intense cross training, often lead to stress hormone imbalances, carbohydrate dependency, excess body fat, and even elevated disease risks. But of course there’s a better way. Join Primal Endurance authors and former world-class endurance athletes Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns in an intimate talk that will help you: Lose excess body fat Avoid burnout Train intuitively Go faster Train less, train smarter Increase energy Interested in learning more? Then head on over here for complete details on how you can become a fat burning beast!

Mark Sisson Owning the Paleo Category on Amazon

After a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Mark Sisson is tearing up the “Best Sellers in Paleo Diet” category on Amazon. Owning 7 of the top 12 slots on the list (and constantly rising), we can comfortably say that Mark is the King of Paleo! The list is as follows: #2 The Primal Blueprint (Paperback) #3 Primal Endurance (Paperback) #7 Primal Endurance (Audible Audio Edition) #9 Primal Endurance (Kindle Edition) #10 The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation (Paperback) #11 The Primal Blueprint (Audible Audio Edition) #12 The Primal Blueprint (Kindle Edition) …with a few additional titles close behind: #28 The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation (Kindle Edition) #33 The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation (Audible Audio Edition) #35 The Primal Blueprint (Hardcover) These rankings have allowed each of the titles to skyrocket to some impressive stats on their own. For example, The Primal Blueprint is […]

Paleo Primer Climbs to the Top in Three Amazon Bestseller Categories!

Topping the bestselling charts in three Amazon categories—#1 in Exercise and Fitness, #1 in Low Carb Cooking, and #5 in Paleo Diet—Paleo Primer continues to prove that people love their tried and true paleo lifestyle principles and recipes—especially when they’re delivered with vibrant images, educational content, and a fun and lively tone throughout! Paleo Primer has an engaging, light-hearted approach to providing the groundwork for any ancestral health plan. So whether you’re a seasoned paleo guru looking for a lively refresher and some killer recipes, or a first timer who wants to know what this paleo business is all about, Paleo Primer offers entertainment, and essential knowledge, about all your paleo fundamentals. Written by Primal Blueprint Publishing’s Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore, two widely popular London-based health and fitness coaches, Paleo Primer is the perfect gift for yourself or that special family member or friend who either loves paleo living, […]

Two Titles, Several Big Wins!

We’re all ecstatic to report that two of our Primal Blueprint Publishing titles, Death by Food Pyramid and Paleo Girl, have received some very big praises! Most recently, each placed in Foreword Reviews magazine’s prestigious INDIEFAB awards for 2014. Foreword Reviews is the premiere magazine for independent books and publishers. Every year an esteemed panel of librarians and judges wade through a series of submissions from all over the country to pick out the best and most noteworthy titles across a vast spectrum of genres. Now, with last year’s judging results in, we’ve received some big news. It was just announced that Paleo Girl placed as an honorable mention in the Young Adult Nonfiction category for Foreword Reviews‘ 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award. And another one of our titles, Death by Food Pyramid, has climbed to the very top of the ranks and grabbed a spot as the […]

Paleo Girl and Death by Food Pyramid recognized as INDIEFAB Finalists

Breaking News! Primal Blueprint Publishing is thrilled to announce that both Paleo Girl and Death by Food Pyramid have been recognized as finalists in the 17th annual Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards. You can check out the complete list of finalists here. Each year, Foreword Reviews shines a light on a select group of indie publishers, university presses, and self-published authors whose work stands out from the crowd. In the next three months, a panel of more than 100 volunteer librarians and booksellers will determine the winners in 63 categories based on their experience with readers and patrons. Foreword Reviews will celebrate the winners during a program at the American Library Association Annual Conference in San Francisco on Friday, June 26 at 6 p.m. at the Pop Top Stage in the exhibit hall. The Editor’s Choice Prize for Fiction, Nonfiction, and Foreword Reviews’ 2014 INDIEFAB Publisher of […]

Now Available: Lil’ Grok Meets the Korgs

I am very excited to announce a long awaited Primal Blueprint Publishing endeavor that fills a huge gap in the Paleo community: an action adventure picture book (of the Primal kind) made just for kids! If you’ve been looking to introduce Primal principles to your children in a fun and educational way, then Lil’ Grok Meets The Korgs is the perfect primer. Lil’ Grok Meets The Korgs follows a young Grok as he bear crawls shoeless through the modern world and tries, unsuccessfully, to fit in with the ultra-modern, hashtagging, pizza-loving, dessert-scarfing Korg family. But when a tiger escapes from the zoo, it’s Lil’ Grok who’s the hero—and the Korgs have to adapt or get dropped. Grok shows the Korgs, and the entire town, that being a nimble, jungle-wise cave boy has its perks. This hilarious journey might just end primally ever after—and deliver some important life lessons along the […]

South Asian Health Solution Commercial Running on Willow TV in India

The owner of a major cricket channel in India, Willow TV, benefited from reading Dr. Sinha’s South Asian Health Solution, and is going to air 30 second, 60 second, and 2 minute versions of the commercial during the peak cricket season. Check out the commercial here!