Tara Grant

Tara GrantTara Grant is a featured success story on MarksDailyApple.com (Tons of Doctors and No Solution) and in the The Hidden Plague – A Comprehensive Guide to Surviving Hidradenitis Supprativa – details her struggle with this debilitating skin condition, and how sufferers can take matters into the own hands and heal naturally.

Tara is a veteran presenter of numerous PrimalCons, where she holds court detailing her Primal transformation from health to wellness. Tara is also a contributing writer for the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program and is working with Carrie Sisson on her upcoming Primal Woman book. A dynamic speaker, Tara presents the Primal Transformation Seminar in numerous cities, and counsels individuals as a certified CHEK Holistic Life Coach. Tara holds a degree in Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and blogs regularly at www.primalgirl.com. She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband Derek and their twin boys, Taylor and Gibson.

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