Devyn Sisson

Devyn SissonI’m Devyn, aka, The Intuitive Chef, aka, Ms. Kitchen Intuition. Whatever alias I go by, “Dev” is always a good fallback. I just received my Masters in Spiritual Psychology, started writing Kitchen Intuition, and recently completed an integrative nutrition program.

Although I’ve learned from cookbooks, the trusty Food Network, and amazing chefs along my journey, I’ve always trusted my intuition when it comes to cooking, paying close attention to my body and taste buds to create strange, delicious, new, exciting recipes that I get to test out on my brave friends and family.

Like I say in Kitchen Intuition, I don’t like to use “recipes,” per se, since I always encourage folks to take their own spin on any traditional formula. It’s good to have a template, but the final product is only limited by your own creativity and imagination!

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