Are You a Fat Burning Beast Yet?

Many devoted endurance athletes become fat, slow, tired, inflamed, sick, injured, and ultimately burned out by following the traditional “chronic cardio” training approach. Obsessing about consistent weekly mileage and workout patterns, or misguided attempts to integrate intense cross training, often lead to stress hormone imbalances, carbohydrate dependency, excess body fat, and even elevated disease risks.

Mark Sisson Brad Kearns

But of course there’s a better way. Join Primal Endurance authors and former world-class endurance athletes Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns in an intimate talk that will help you:

  • Lose excess body fat
  • Avoid burnout
  • Train intuitively
  • Go faster
  • Train less, train smarter
  • Increase energy

Interested in learning more? Then head on over here for complete details on how you can become a fat burning beast!

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