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Back in 2009, when I first decided to self-publish The Primal Blueprint, I figured this might be a one and done deal. I maybe had two or three books in me, but that would be it. See, I just wanted the complete and utter freedom to do what I wanted. I didn’t want an editor I didn’t even know breathing down my neck as I wrote. I didn’t want a publishing company “approving” or “disapproving” what I wrote or the designs I used.

In short, I wanted to write what I wanted, about things I felt needed to be heard.

And I certainly never thought I’d get into publishing books and other works of media from other people. But what’s funny about writers and thinkers and creators is that they tend to feel the same way I do about freedom of expression. They’ve come this far through life on their own terms, and just because they want to create something to help people change their lives doesn’t mean they want to relinquish freedom.

I’m extremely serious about changing lives for the better, and I can’t do it alone, so I figured I’d help them out and publish their stuff, too.

Thus, Primal Blueprint Publishing was born. I perceived both a demand for help and a willing supply of skilled, thinking helpers with no real outlet for their material. In addition, I had tons of new ideas cropping up that blew up my original, humble plans for just a book or two. A Primal publishing company was really the only way forward for our plans.

As the word about ancestral health and living gets out and grows and flourishes, more and more people are going to be asking questions and looking for guidance. I want to help them. At the same time, the movement is attracting big thinkers, people with experience and ideas that lend themselves well to helping others take control of their own health through a Primal lens. People like Denise Minger, the upstart English major who took down a respected scientist for fudging his statistics to get the result he wanted, need an outlet to help the first group of health-seekers; PB Publishing is that outlet.

PB Publishing will grow. We’re publishing books (by myself and other authors), putting together an educational/certification program for interested people and health professionals, and exploring other avenues of messaging and media. I see great things moving forward, and I’m excited at the prospect of being able to reach and affect the lives of even more people than Mark’s Daily Apple and my books alone.

I won’t be updating the PB Publishing blog as often as MDA, but I will be popping in with regular updates, interviews with PB Publishing authors, podcasts, and upcoming releases. Be sure to check in so you can be at the forefront of this new phase of the Primal movement!

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