The Primal Connection Breaks Into the Top 10 on

Once again I’m blown away by the power and support of the Primal/paleo community. Last week my new book The Primal Connection was released and Primal enthusiasts helped shoot it straight up the book charts.

During the first week of its release, The Primal Connection reached #1 in the Healthy Living category, #1 in Personal Health, #1 in Personal Transformation, #1 in Self-Help, and #10 overall out of millions of book titles sold on Amazon!

Amazon Rankings

This is just one more indication that Primal is going more and more mainstream every day. It goes to show that people are looking for answers to their health and wellness questions in non-traditional places because conventional wisdom has failed them over and over again. And it’s just one more sign that people are waking up to the fact that there are better ways to eat, exercise and live in this hectic modern world. It’s all very encouraging.

If you ordered a copy last week, thank you. I look forward to your response to the book, and hope you take something meaningful from it.

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