Primal Cravings: Your Favorite Meals Made Paleo

I am very pleased to announce the latest title from Primal Blueprint Publishing, Primal Cravings: Your Favorite Meals Made Paleo. This multi-year project from the Megan and Brandon Keatley (of fame) is the product of intensive research, experimentation and perfecting recipes in their home kitchen. The result is a simple, clear, easy-to-navigate cookbook with 125 beautifully photographed recipes that show you how to make healthy, Primal/Paleo versions of old favorites like waffles, pancakes, muffins, burgers, chili, pizza, chips, baked goods (cakes, pies, cookies, crackers, brownies) and frozen desserts; or global cuisine like gyros, spanakopita, moo shu, barbacoa, tacos, tikka masala and other comfort foods. All recipes are low-sugar, grain-free, gluten-free, and industrial oil-free. What’s more, unlike typical substitute recipes in many other paleo cookbooks, these new and original grain-free baking methods have almost exclusively eliminated the need for the typical expensive agents like almond flour and other nut flours and […]

Introducing Rich Food, Poor Food

I am extremely pleased and excited to announce the release of our newest book: Rich Food, Poor Food. There are a few things a little different about this one, though. For one, I didn’t write it. An intrepid duo known as the Caltons – Mira and Jayson – wrote it. Second, it’s not just for Primal eaters, but rather a book for everyone who wants to learn how to choose healthier foods in the supermarket. Vegetarians, vegans, paleos, carnivores, and conventional low-fatters placed on a standard diet by their doctors will all benefit equally from this book. But first, a quick introduction of the authors and how we got acquainted. Back in August of last year, during the Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard, I struck up a conversation with an interesting couple who’d just returned from a global tour of remote tribes. It wasn’t really a vacation, though; they were […]

The Primal Connection Breaks Into the Top 10 on

Once again I’m blown away by the power and support of the Primal/paleo community. Last week my new book The Primal Connection was released and Primal enthusiasts helped shoot it straight up the book charts. During the first week of its release, The Primal Connection reached #1 in the Healthy Living category, #1 in Personal Health, #1 in Personal Transformation, #1 in Self-Help, and #10 overall out of millions of book titles sold on Amazon! This is just one more indication that Primal is going more and more mainstream every day. It goes to show that people are looking for answers to their health and wellness questions in non-traditional places because conventional wisdom has failed them over and over again. And it’s just one more sign that people are waking up to the fact that there are better ways to eat, exercise and live in this hectic modern world. It’s […]

The Primal Connection To Be Released on January 8

Back in 2009, when I released The Primal Blueprint – a book and a concept which I’d been researching and writing for several years prior – I immediately began work on the sequel. Maybe I rested on my laurels for a few weeks, focusing on the blog and personal time, but I launched back into the madness in no time. I knew the story of how human evolution and the ancestral environment plotted out a blueprint for human health wasn’t complete, that it didn’t stop with food and exercise, that there was a lot more to human health than what we put in our mouths. What about what we put in our minds? What about what we beheld with our eyes and ears? What about the people we spent time with, the human touch we felt, the community we shared, the play in which we engaged? The simple fact that […]

Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings is the #1 Low-Carb Cookbook on

I’m pleased, honored, and excited to reveal that Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings is the #1 low-carb cookbook on Amazon. That’s right – a book about how to create delicious, nutritious, low-carb sauces and salad dressings beat out every other low-carb cookbook on Amazon. I wasn’t sure we could do it. Primal is already a fairly niche category compared to other diet plans (although that’s changing), and “sauces, dressings, and toppings” make the book’s subject matter even more obscure. Most people looking for a cookbook just want to make food, actual meals; sauces are an afterthought. With that in mind, I wasn’t even hoping to reach the top spot on Amazon. I certainly wasn’t expecting it. But then the Primal community kicked into gear once the book released, and the ranking started to climb. And climb, and climb, and climb. I was dumbfounded. I knew we’d sell and […]

Introducing Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings & Toppings

Past Primal cookbooks have been about what you’d expect from a cookbook: elaborate, full-on meals made with healthy, delicious ingredients. They were often simple meals that you could easily make on a regular basis, but they were meals that took real effort. Humans are creatures of habit. We often eat the same meals, over and over again, because they’re reliable and we know how to make them well. And so, when I sat down with my co-author, food writer Jennifer Meier, to discuss the next Primal cookbook, I knew what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to give people another book of meals to add to their repertoire. That may come in the future, but I knew that most people already had their favorite Primal things to cook. I figured they didn’t need a whole other host of meals to “worry” about just yet. Instead, I knew that if […]