Death by Food Pyramid

Death by Food Pyramid

Warning: Shock and outrage will grip you as you dive into this one-of-a-kind exposé

Shoddy science, sketchy politics and shady special interests have shaped American dietary recommendations—and destroyed our nation’s health—over recent decades. The phrase Death by Food Pyramid isn’t shock-value sensationalism, but the tragic consequence of simply doing what we have been told to do by our own government—and giant food profiteers—in pursuit of health.

In Death by Food Pyramid, Denise Minger exposes the forces that overrode common sense and solid science to launch a pyramid phenomenon that bled far beyond US borders to taint the eating habits of the entire developed world. Denise explores how generations of flawed pyramids and plates endure as part of the national consciousness, and how the “one size fits all” diet mentality these icons convey pushes us deeper into the throes of obesity and disease.

Regardless of whether you’re an omnivore or vegan, research junkie or science-phobe, health novice or seasoned dieter, Death by Food Pyramid will reframe your understanding of nutrition science, and inspire you to take your health, and future, into your own hands.

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Book Details:

Hardcover: 300 pages
Publish Date: January 1, 2014
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0984755128
ISBN-13: 978-0984755127


  • I have read this book already and I have to say that it is our worth time and everyone who cares about himself/herself has to read it, because, in my opinion, this book lets you to understand everything from the other side.

    Maisto PiramidėMarch 7, 2014
  • looks like a good read, will it be available on kindle?

    Deborah DunkertonDecember 7, 2013
    • Yes, it will eventually be available on Kindle. Likely first thing in January when the book officially drops at Amazon and at other retail locations. Stay tuned.

      Primal Blueprint Publishing TeamDecember 8, 2013

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