Kale Brock

Kale Brock

Author of The Gut Healing Protocol

Mira and Jayson Calton

Authors of Rich Food, Poor Food

Romy Dolle

Author of Fruit Belly and Good Fat, Bad Fat

Katie French

Author of Paleo Cooking Bootcamp for Busy People

Tara Grant

Author of The Hidden Plague

Brad Kearns

Co-author of Primal Endurance

Megan and Brandon Keatley

Authors of Primal Cravings

Leslie Klenke

Author of Paleo Girl

Lauren Lobley

Author of The Accidental Paleo

Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore

Authors of The Paleo Primer

Dr. Doug McGuff

Co-Author of The Primal Prescription

Janée Meadows

Author of Lil’ Grok Meets the Korgs

Jennifer Meier

Co-Author of The Primal Blueprint Cookbook,
Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals and others

Denise Minger

Author of Death by Food Pyramid

Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy

Co-Author of The Primal Prescription

Elle Russ

Elle Russ

Author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution

Dr. Ronesh Sinha

Dr. Ronesh Sinha

Author of The South Asian Health Solution

Carrie Sisson

Author of Primal Woman

Devyn Sisson

Author of Kitchen Intuition

Mark Sisson

Author of The Primal Blueprint,
The Primal Connection
and others